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Murder Mystery - An Evening to Die For

An evening to die for - how your event might unfold:

  • Guests arrive at your chosen venue and for arrival drinks.
  • They are greeted by awaiting characters like ‘Al the Phone’ from our gangster murder mystery ‘Murder at the Five Families’ or ‘Colonel Flustered’ in the ever popular ‘Nightshade House Killing’. These colourful characters introduce themselves to your guests during pre-dinner drinks, setting the background and atmosphere for the evening’s action.
  • The lead character invites your guests through to dinner.
  • There is a speech by one of the characters, who is then murdered in front of their very eyes.
  • Another character takes charge of the murder investigation, and your guests must help uncover the criminal. Suspects are announced and clue packs handed out to the teams.
  • Scenes take place throughout the evening and clues are given to the assembled detectives. Depending on your choice of Murder Mystery either forensic or material evidence will be brought to the fore throughout your meal. As coffee is served you will have your final opportunity to interview the suspects after which time you will complete you investigation packs naming the ‘Murderer and their Motive’.
  • The lead detective takes to the stage and begins the denouement. Teams’ answers are revealed and then the detective finally unravels the riddles and mysteries of the evening. A dramatic final scene takes place as the Murderer tries to make their escape.
  • Finally the winning team is congratulated and presented with their prize.
  • Another memorable, fun and enthralling event comes to an end.

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