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Rock 'n Roll Waiters

It started with Comedy Waiters, then the Singing Waiters, and now there’s the Rock ‘n Roll Waiters. A unique blend of comedy and music they provide the complete evening entertainment. Having played at some of the most prestigious corporate events, private parties and celebrity weddings, the Rock n’ Roll Waiters are fast becoming the most popular event on the market.

Starting back in 2002, Danny and the team at Verbal Entertainment began developing lovable characters to act as ‘mix and mingle’ performers to entertain guests at various events. These characters, Harry, Marvin and Vlad, to name just three, proved an instant hit. As the characters developed, music became an integral part of the performance. Starting with gentle serenades to impress the ladies of the group, they build up to huge sing-along-songs, which bring the whole audience alive. Rapidly the Rock ‘n Roll Waiters gained a reputation for excellence, and were soon working not only across the country, but across Europe and the Middle East – well-travelled waiters indeed.

These kind, warm and charming waiters meet and greet your guests at your chosen venue. They interact with them throughout the evening, forming relationships and friendships before surprising everyone by bursting into song. Playing Rock ‘n Roll classics from the 50’s right through to current chart pop songs they guarantee to bring even the most reticent crowds to life.

We have absolutely no doubt that we offer the best waiters on the market, both in terms of musical ability and performance standards; customer service and professional corporate standards. We have worked with X-Factor Finalists, Top BBC comedy writers and many other well known entertainers to perfect this act. So why not let the Rock ‘n Roll Waiters make your event, wedding or party extra special?

Rock the night away - how your evening might unfold:

Pre-Dinner Drinks:

Your guests arrive at your chosen venue and are greeted by staff as well as our charming, loveable waiters. We usually spend much of the first 30 minutes welcoming people and gently gaining an understanding of the audience.

The Meal:

Once guests are seated for the first course we begin to work table-to-table announcing ourselves, and allowing our individual characteristics to become apparent. This is a key time as we build friendships and relationships with your guests, and laying the foundation for the musical event which follows later. As we head toward desert it is not uncommon for a proposal or two to take place – hilariously, or worryingly, they usually say “yes”!

The Music:

Once desert is served the waiters appear with their guitars and commence by softly serenading the guests before breaking into huge Rock performances. Guests are given instruments, and tables compete against each other to find the best backing band. We use a variety of music dating back to the 50’s, as well as incorporating current chart music - this winter seasons favourite was Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies (put a ring on it)‘- and Cheryl Coles ‘Fight for this Love’. Finishing with a couple of classics from the 80’s the waiters build to a brilliant crescendo before disappearing into the night leaving your guests smiling, feeling great about themselves, and with some great stories to tell and wonderful memories.

We are very aware of how careful you must be when performing this kind of event, and are therefore very proud to say we have only ever received positive feedback - something which we feel must be unique to the industry. We are nothing like the Wacky Waiters - we left slapstick in the 70’s where it belongs. We are nothing like any of the Operatic Waiters - we provide a full evening of entertainment, and because we use purely acoustic sound instead of recorded, your guests feel much more part of the experience. We are the only real Rock ‘n Roll Waiters! Its 50% performance + 50% reading an audience = 100% satisfaction. We know we are the best at what we do - let us prove it to you.