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CSI Interrogation

Let your team take part in the drama of solving a real life murder case! Verbal Entertainment have teamed up exclusively with top Criminologist Detective Inspector John Cook BSC to create this incredible team building event.

DI Cook has worked on some of England’s most notorious murder cases and rose to fame through his TV work on ‘The Interrogators’, having worked with many of England’s top police as well as members of the SAS, John has all the vast knowledge and experience to guide you through the investigation and prevent another murder taking place.

How you could solve the crime:

Your team will be separated into groups and will work together to solve a real life murder case using photographic evidence, forensic data and witness statements. Teams will need to piece together evidence in order to detain a suspect before he can strike again. 

We can operate from any location, i.e. a hotel syndicate room, to your Company’s offices.  As the exercise begins each team will be given funds and resources to enable them to un-earth the murderer in the allotted time.  The team who makes best use of these resources will solve the crime and emerge victorious.  A base of operations is established and your team will be fed information to try and solve the case in real time.  

At their disposal is CCTV footage, photographs of the murder scene and witness statements as a profile of the murderer is created.  After following the evidence trail teams will arrest three suspects and investigators have an opportunity to interview each of them to try to establish the real culprit.  Team Building: Working in a high-pressure environment with events unfolding rapidly in real-time - there is no better example of how working as a team and communicating can achieve incredible results.  

With the help of John Cook and his staff we will turn your delegates into a slick investigatory team If you would like a more detailed outline of this event please do not hesitate to get in contact. We believe this is a unique activity. Not only do we offer exclusivity, but also a product that offers such tension and anticipation it is unrivalled in its field.