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City Adventures

Whether called a Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt or City Adventure, the theme behind these events is simple. They are fun, great for team bonding, allow individuals to shine within a team environment, and offer a great day for large numbers of people at affordable pricing.
Our Adventures are written bespoke for every client. We go to your chosen venue or city location and write a Treasure Hunt specifically for you. The Treasure Hunts incorporate many different elements and it is up to you how they work:

Choice 1: Scavenger or Route:

In a Scavenger Hunt the mission is confined within a set area and the guests are presented with a laminated map of the mission zone. All clues and answers are within this location

During a route-based Treasure Hunt the clues themselves reveal the routes the teams need to travel down, and they discover the answers on the way.

Choice 2: Activities, Actors and Adventure:

You can opt to have actors hidden en-route playing characters in need of help - if the team stop to help them they have the opportunity to answer riddles for extra points.

Activities can also be placed as part of the hunt, where the teams need to meet at specific locations at certain times to complete cryptic tasks. These are many and varied, from Pulley System Mathematics Challenges to Giant Giraffe and Medieval Egg Launch. They are fun, challenging and a great addition.

Choice 3: Timing:

We can write a Treasure Hunt that lasts 2 hours, or one which lasts all day and incorporates a lunch stop, quad biking and hover-crafting - the choice is yours. Fact:

We always use a two-man writing team with one shadowing the other to make sure there are no mistakes in the route and clues. Every clue is double checked the morning of the event to make sure every detail is correct.

There is no better way to see a City - even places you thought you knew will come alive as the Treasure Hunt unveils history and intrigue that you never knew existed.

So, whether it be a tour through the beautiful and mysterious City of London, through old alley ways and past stunning hidden landmarks, or through the grounds of one of the Country’s gorgeous hotels, we will show you a fantastic day out.

Budget an issue? Why not use our box edition? Still written bespoke for you and supplied with everything you need for a day’s hunting - but you can run it yourselves. Ask us to write a hunt from a set location and we will send you a full pack including a wax sealed envelope with the answers for you to go through at your finish location.