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City Adventures - 5 Senses

Taking a rather unique twist on the classic Scavenger Hunt theme, ‘5 senses’ offers a bespoke adventure around any of the Country’s many great Cities and literally sets your senses alight. On top of a classic Scavenger Hunt package we will also supply a number of location based tasks using the very best of the local environment as a base.

Your guests will be greeted by a Verbal compere who will introduce them to what is a fun, energetic and exciting day (or evening) of activity, through the heart of your chosen City or venue. Guests are quickly divided into teams and the evening explained to them. They will each receive clue packs, digital cameras and stop watches.

They will be given a little over three hours in which to get to their final destination. During that time not only do they have to follow clues which lead them around three separate quarters of your location answering clues, taking specific photos, finding objects and meeting hidden characters as they go, but also they will need to complete three challenging tasks. Each of these tasks are bespoke to you, the client, and can tie in with any conference or Company message.

The activities we create are unique to each event but here are just some we have worked on in the past:

Touch - A Cut Above: Guests are led to one of your chosen City’s most prestigious hair styling salons where they are taught by a head-stylist, both a simple cut (on a mannequin) and a number of various intricate plaits and hair styles. They must watch closely as once the Master is complete, it is their turn to attempt the challenge. Teams will work together to replicate the hair styles and cuts in their allotted time. It is amazing how something that looks so simple can become so hilariously hard.

Taste & Smell: Flavour beyond imagination: Guests find themselves at one of the City’s top restaurants where they are greeted by the House Chef who will explain to them the importance of understanding taste and flavour in any dish. The balance of sweet and sour, the measure of texture and the subtleties of taste. Your guests will then have to put their palettes to the test as they are led on a blind taste-test, through any number of different foods and dishes - trying to identify them as they go. Their final challenge is the ‘Take-one-for-the-team-taste-task’ challenge where guests will be asked to attempt to eat a chocolate covered ant, toffee crisped scorpion and then the final blind taste test - space dust - a little scary when you don’t know what it is.

Sight & Taste - Shaken Not Slurred:
Guests arrive at one of the City’s top cocktail bars where they meet their Mixologist who will explain the concepts of mixology, flair, and the way to make the best cocktails. After a short demonstration it will then be the teams’ chance to try their hand at producing a pungent yet delicious cocktail. They need to incorporate the flavours and colours they feel best sums them up as a team. Once they have agreed and produced their chosen cocktail they then need to finish it off with the all important name. Teams are scored on creativity and team work.

Sight and Touch - Art Attack: Teams are led to one of the City’s many art museums where they find their way to an open space with a blank canvas. This is their opportunity to design and paint their own team shield and motto. The teams are given aprons and water-based paints and have a short time in which to produce their work of art. (This can also be done with Graffiti).

Sound & Sight - Product innovation: Teams meet in one of your City’s studio spaces where they are met by an Actor and Director who explain that they have been given the task of producing the Company’s new advert, but have lost all of the product information. The guests then have the chance to design and create a new ‘imaginary product’ and to create the advert for it. Teams will have the use of a number of costumes and the adverts can be filmed if required.

Touch & Sight – It’s a kind of Magic: In one of the areas of the tour, teams will meet a performing circus troop busking for money. Teams than have an opportunity to interact with the circus performers, and to become a ‘roustabout’ themselves. They will quickly be taught a few simple skills before they are met by their final challenge. A busking performance of their own - if the circus performers are impressed they will throw the team a few special pennies which go toward their final points tally.

Any of the above ideas are highly flexible and can be adapted to suit any team and ability. They are rough ideas and it is easy to add alternates or variations on these themes. From sushi chefs to musical challenges.

These ideas and concepts can be taken as far as your needs require and are very easily adapted to a hotel based event.

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